Installations often made in nature, in trees, site-specific. With strings. A rhythm of wires that connect the branches of the tree with the ground it grows from. Or branches on wires that move playfully in the wind. Surprising, airy, sometimes almost meditative. But sometimes very different materials.

dated 2013 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Emerging in nature


Emerging in nature is an installation by Bart Ensing (statues) and Marion Steur (text) made during an artist in residency in Earnewald in Friesland, the Netherlands. Bart made 5 figures from a woman rising up from the ground. From heavy to fraglie and open. Marion made a poem with it. 



In our society we find ourselves in a strict regime. And within the society people live more and ore in bubbles. There is interaction within the bubbles, but less between the individuals in different bubbles. I used this concept for the theme 'Chaos in order'. I made an installation with a strict rhytm of strings, combined with branches grouped in bubbles. But the overall impression is one of rest.

Wrestling free


Muddy grounds, getting wetter, drier, global warming. Does nature unwrestle itself from man or does man unwrestle from nature. This is the question Bart Ensing poses visitors and himself with a boat made of willow branches on a sea of blue threads at Once in the Wetlands. To be seen until September 16 2018

flying pegs


I made a wind installation for KunstKijk Goeree Overflakkee. An experiment, that worked very well. Tent pegs on threads, quietly dangling at first, swingen very wide later on. Have a look at the YouTube film (lower) to get an impression. This is one of the variations of my instalaations with threads in trees.



An installation made from eight (or more in the future) hips, in the landscape. The installation was shown for the first time at Kunstenlandschap Lonneker, 2016 and can reappear in different forms and locations.



An installation made for LekArt 2016, theme 'Shared territories', September 23-25 in a huge apple tree. The connection between the trees and the ground from which they grow, on the connection between to parts of this quarter of the town. The ropes also as borders, but open borders, like all borders between public and private in this quarter are open. A magical impression, even more beautiful when you walk along and into the installatin. A video ollows. In two smaller trees in the orchard I made a similar installation, what gives a very differnet impression, makes people realize the difference between different trees.

Whirling branches


For Land art Diessen 2013 Bart Ensing made a 'curtain of branches' or 'whirling sticks', a frisky delimitation of the open boundary between nature and culture. To realy appreciate the work, you should sit down and experience the light, the movement and the quitness. Or have a look at the video. The concept is suitable for execution in different situations, above the water, in the dark. He made a large variation during Kunst in Duin 2014 in the Parc of Keukenhof Castle. The last one is a beautiful version above a pond that he made for KunstenLandschap Lonneker, the Netherlands.

spider monkeys


A series of ten spider monkeys joyfully cross the river Luts in the centre of Balk. Bart Ensing made them for the event 'Art above and in the water'. They will stay in Balk untill about August 20, 2016. They all carry something, that in some cases relates to the village of Balk. made from wire and jute.



A hinging installation of unfolded tins. They seem to spiral towards the roof of the Gasthuis Chapel in Tholen.



For the exhibition 'Opklop-pudding' in the former Honig food factory in Koog aan de Zaan Bart Ensing made the installation 'Uncanned'. Food cans open, the contants stream out of the cans, the cans unfold and fly as wings into the factory hall, along the ceiling of the whole hall. The Honig-factory, from the control of food production to the freedom of the creative laboratory.



Floating trees


An installation of 'floating trees' in a parc or forest. It is surrealistic, trees that are examples that show how important it is to be well rooted, that now seem to float in the air. An experiment als tryout for a land art project with several 'trees' skew on the ground and hanging in the trees. For Land art Diessen 2014 I made the installation in two trees: 'Rooting and letting go'
A tree is an example of being earthed and rooted. A tree is standing firm in the ground, reaches up, but never looses the contact with the earth. Except for these trees. Can it be in accord, being rooted and nevertheless letting go, release? And how is that for people, for you?   



In South Korea an international exhibition is held wit the title 'Art is closing the gap'. The Japanese poet Taro Aizu made 5 sentence poems (gogyoshi) following the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Many international artists made art works for these poems. My contribution is made for the poem But the old farmers
like trees
have thick roots
deep in the earth
of Fukushima  

Barts World


fish by fish


On several locations rivers, the water and nature get more freedom. This work illustrates this in a frisky way. With a poem of Marion Steur. Made of the wood of a used pallet.