Bart Ensing makes you watch, feel, marvel


Sculptures and installations 


Bart Ensing makes sculptures from wood found in nature. Organic forms, works that you want to feel. He wants to invite people to wonder, to look a second time, and hopefully be touched. The sculptures can be figurative or abstract, but also in the latter work organic, sometimes human form can be vaguely recognizable.


October 27 the Nudge Global Impact Awards 2017 were awarded. Bart Ensing was asked to make the awards. Have a look at the blog for more information.


Bart Ensing makes you watch, feel, marvel Also with installations. They are sometimes hanging, playful, humorous, but sometimes they also raise questions, make people think. Or offer a blissful, in the case of light installations sometimes magical experience.

In the gallery you can see his works. To find out where you can see his works, look at exhibitions. Or contact him for more information or to stay informed.


Bart Ensing is member of Sculpture Network.