Bart Ensing makes you watch, feel, marvel


Sculptures and installations 


Bart Ensing makes sculptures from wood found in nature. Organic forms, works that you want to feel. He does not just want to make a beautiful sculpture, a clear picture, but above all hopes to invite people to wonder, to look a second time, and hopefully be touched. The sculptures can be figurative or abstract, but also in the latter work organic, sometimes human form can be vaguely recognizable.

His artistic process is a search for forms and processing that suit him, whereby he often also surprises himself. This applies to his quest in the wood, but also in his more recent activity, making installations. They are sometimes suspended, playful, humorous, but sometimes they also raise questions, make people think, for example, about interpersonal relationships. The work can give mixed feelings. Something which can also be seen in his more recent sculptures.